Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Nomad's Guide to Minimalism

I've settled back into my apartment, the mess has returned, and the livin' is slightly easy if you ignore the fact that I am working and going to summer school full time. The mess mind you is much smaller than it has been in the past because I've brought very few things back with me.

One thing I have done in light of recent nomadic happenings has been to lighten my load.

Last year around this time, I was in full nest mode, placing knick-nacks and frames in every nook of my apartment. Though comforting, it made for a difficult move. This year I have taken a more minimalist approach to living. I have some shelves, a futon, my clothes in baskets, and a small Turkish rug. Besides a few pictures of friends and family, I am relatively item free. In combination with my bare white walls, my minimalist style could seem boring. But it's actually quite cozy, with the added benefit of little packing on my part.

I'll be moving every four months for the next five years. Over time I'm sure my possessions will change, growing and shrinking with the size of my carry on bags. Because of this, I'm focusing more on collecting stories, moments, and if I must property that's portable. I don't need anything weighing me down.


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