Saturday, December 21, 2013

Looking Back

It's a superstition that has existed in many cultures throughout time: don't look back. Orpheus looked back and lost the love of his life. Looking back before a long and dangerous journey brings bad luck and misfortune to a traveler. That is why, through the journey of life, people continue to look forward and keep moving.

As yet another chapter of my life is nearing it's close, I am fighting the urge to look back. I cannot say that I have done everything here that I had wanted, but I met a few wonderful people and that's all I could have asked for.

With graduation nearly a month away, I find myself gazing at this city not wanting to look away. I wished away my time and now that it is gone, I want more.

To look back is to hold onto something, someone, or someplace that is no longer mine. The only thing to do is look away, turn up the headphones, and get ready for the rest of my life to start.